How do we operate?

Our role as a professional processing/marketing agent is to
process and sell under the producer's label,
coordinate the product in different
auctions, monitor the product before and after the sale,
including customer feedback and professional opinion on
quality issues.


Our mission

Import and process fresh ornamental products from all over
the world. Provide our clients with impeccable, personal and
top-quality work. The main objective is to meet high
standards of quality, accompanied by an
impeccable service with efficiency, knowledge,
professionalism and integrity in our work. Controlling high
quality, preparing ornamental products according to
customer wishes, ensuring fast but careful handling, and
being a respected partner in business.


Our facilities
We have new, state-of-the-art machinery.

A section of machines is in charge of loading the buckets, dispensing the water, placing the product in the water itself (Florissant 520, a liquid that keeps the water clean by reducing bacterial growth and killing the water residing bacteria.  It also prevent vessel clotting, which simulates water absorption and prevents premature wilting  of flowers and buds.

The other machinery section deals with cutting the product, with measurement assistants, if necessary, with full flexibility to adjust the cutting measurements ( capable of cutting between 1,000-4,000 bouquets per hour).

We have cold equipment (cold room), equipped with state-of-the-art security systems and large capacity.
Finally, we can indicate that we have the necessary means to transport the product to the auction, once processed.